Carolina Laurel Tree

Carolina Laurel Tree

Carolina Laurel Tree
Carolina Laurel Bright and Tight Tree

The Carolina Laurel Tree in the Southwest( ‘Bright ‘N Tight’ Carolina Cherry Laurel )It does very well in the Southwest providing they are given lots of water during the first 3-4 years after initial planting. They are considered a water-loving tree around the Southwest and rightly so. They do like above moderate waterings once it is well established.

There are many people who are surprised to know that this evergreen tree will do well in the hot desert heat! But they will be providing you follow the advice we give here.

How tall does the Carolina Laurel Tree get?

This is a dwarf variety also called the bright and tight laurel, so it will reach a height of about 8-10 ft. tall and about 7 ft. wide.

Carolina Laurel Bright and Tight
Same tree one year later.

They like good soil that is consistent with their natural habitat. Good well-drained soil with a drip system that feeds water to them about 3 times per week. Make sure you set your water time for these great looking evergreen trees for about 30 minutes each time.

It is a moderate grower – about 10 maybe 12 feet tall and 6 to 7 feet wide. They will produce a small white creamy flower in early spring not showy but very pronounced. This is an excellent plant/tree to use as a border or to hide your neighbors’ yard type of tree/shrub. It is an evergreen so you will have year-round interest.

The Carolina Laurel should be fertilized at least 3 times per year (Use a Tree Fertilizer). Once in spring, early summer, and again in fall.  Water daily at initial planting…this means every day for at least 3-4 weeks.  Then cut back to your normal watering schedule.

Ask for them at your local Nursery. Color Your World Nurseries will usually have this great looking evergreen tree on a year-round basis. If you are in the neighborhood drop by and see them for yourself.

Southwest Trees.

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