Fabian Aralia Plant

Fabian Aralia Plant For indoor decoration

Fabian Aralia Plant – For indoor decoration. (Polyscias Scutellaria).  An amazing plant that can be used as a houseplant for indoor decor.   It requires little to moderate watering. It will grow about 3 maybe 4 ft. tall and it is a tropical plant this means keep it away from extreme cold and hot weather conditions.  The main attraction of this plant is its woody trunk-like look and its glossy thick large leaves.

Fabian Aralia Plant

It likes bright indirect sunlight and lots of humidity so placing it where there is lots of moisture from a bathroom or sunroom is good.  Do not place it in full direct light depending on how long it is placed in full sun it will die.

When and how much water does the Fabian Aralia like?

You should let the soil dry out before watering again.  However, do not wait too long as it will wrinkle and dry out from not enough water.  The look and symptoms of not enough water and too much are similar.  So what will it look like?  Basically, the main trunk will look wrinkled and the leaves will fall quickly.

In its natural habitat it will grow 4 maybe 5 ft. tall but as an indoor plant it rarely grows larger than 3 ft. tall making it a good choice specimen to use as an indoor decoration.  The Fabian Aralia is poisonous to cats it stands to reason not to have this plant around your home if you have a cat or cats.

Fabian Aralia Plant
Nice looking Aralia in a colorful pot.
Fabian Aralia Plant
Another Aralia in a nice looking bonsai pot,


Problems with Fabian Aralia Plant

The Fabian Aralia plant is typically disease and insect resistant. However, it can develop wilt by over-watering and spider mites and mealybugs will attack this plant.  A good spraying with neem oil will remove these insects but it is important to do this at the onset of insects.

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Fabian Aralia Plant – For indoor decoration


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