How to Care for Chrysanthemums

How to Care for chrysanthemums aka Mums. Most folks call these colorful plants Mums.  They thrive and flower during the fall seasons.  Mums like the cool nights and warm days of the southwest this is when nurseries large and small will sell them.

The garden mums are perennials and will come back the following year providing you water and cut them back 2-3 inches at ground level.  During the late spring seasons, they will come out of dormancy. In regions where the ground freezes during the winter season it might not come back unless you plant it in early spring giving the root system ample time for good growth.

The Flowering Color of Mums

Mums come in a wide assortment of colors bright yellow, crimson red, white, orange, pink and a few more in-between.  Many are hybrids of original mum plants and are actually much brighter and showy type.  The flowers are daisy looking and are used for decorative flowering pots in flower shops.

Landscaping with Mums
Image by Gábor Adonyi from Pixabay

How often should you water mums

In and around the Southwest they need water often.  In the ground during mid-summer, it is about every other day.  The soil needs to be good composted dirt they will have a tuff time growing and blooming in hard or sandy soil.  Hanging mum plants should be watered daily during the summer and you should fertilize them about once per month using a good 20-20-20 fertilizer.

Trimming of expired blooms

When the plant stops blooming it is best to trim of expired blooms this will help produce new ones. Use a good pair of sharp scissors or pruners.  You can make these flowers bloom for about 6 maybe 7 weeks into the fall season.  Once the plant stops blooming it’s time to cut it back about 2-3 inches above the ground.  In the lower regions of the Southwest, they will come back.

Can Mums be placed in containers?How to care for Mums

How to Care for Chrysanthemums
An assortment of Mums in the front entrance.

Sure, they can.  Place them in a nice looking decorative container indoors or outdoors.  Make you have good potting soil and keep it moist but not soggy.  The container needs to drain well.  Mums indoors will do well if kept in a bright area of your room.  Underneath a skylight or near a large window will work well.

How to Care for Chrysanthemums


How to care for Mums
Close up of Crimson red Mums

Problems with Chrysanthemums

Mums are very hardy plants and are not susceptible to insects and diseases but this does not mean they will never have these problems.  Powdery mildew, blight, mites, and thrips will on occasion attack this plant.  Spraying with an organic insecticide such as Neem oil will kill insects.  Insecticidal soaps will also do the trick. Neem oil will also help remove powdery mildew.  Read more about Insects and Diseases on Plants.

Read more about the History and the origination of Mums over at

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