patio tree roses

Patio Tree Roses

Patio Tree Roses.  Tree roses are great for outdoor decoration.  They work great on a courtyard, patio or at the front entrance with a decorative container.

Our tree roses come from  We will usually stock these roses during spring, summer and fall seasons. Call our stores at 575 521-0496 or 575 523-1530 and ask for these roses.  Find our shrub roses for the southwest here.  Roses for the Southwest.

Use them in a container and place them on each side of your patio.  You can also plant them in the ground where they can get plenty of sunshine.  They do require regular waterings.  3 times per week on a good working drip system.

The Topsy Turvey Rose Tree

An Excellent tree rose with bright red and white blooms.  This one gets about 36″ tall and 2-3 ft. wide at the crown.

Patio tree roses
Photo Courtesy of © Weeks Roses

24″ White Rose Patio Tree

The white rose tree gets about 24″ tall and will have large petal blooms.  They will last from early spring until early summer.

Patio Tree Roses
Photo Credit

Brilliant Pink Iceberg-Two-fer

This will grow to about 36″ tall and have bright purple and white blooms.  It’s called a two-fer rose due to the 2 color combinations.

Patio Tree Roses
Photo Credit Weeks Roses

Insects and disease will attack all types of roses.  Be sure to visit our page about caring for roses.

Ask for these type of roses at your local nursery or greenhouse retail store.  If they don’t have them you can purchase roses over at  They can be delivered to your nearest hometown nursery.  It is important to note that your local nursery does take plant orders from Monrovia.

Patio Tree Roses


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