Grasses for the Southwest

Variegated Sweet Flag Grass

Variegated Sweet Flag Grass is good for the southwest.  It does well and is considered an evergreen grass in warmer regions such as the lower elevations of the Southwest.  Rich yellow and green long leaves that sway back and forth when the days are windy.  The foliage is Variegated this means it has more than one color striped through-out the long grass blades.


Where to Plant it?

Plant this great looking grass in and around ponds, or waterscape designs.  Plant in full sun or partial shade but water more often if planted in full hot sun.  This plant is not a drought-tolerant plant so make sure to give it plenty of water during the mid-summer months.  About 3 times per month and 20 minutes each time per week with a good working drip system.  Learn how to plant a tree or shrub. 

How big does it grow?

A row of Variegated sweet flag grass.  You can also place in a row for a nice short border alongside groundcover or a large lawn.  Also, good underneath a large tree that gives filtered light. It will also do well in a decorative container place it in the entrance to a front yard for color all year long.  It will grow almost one foot tall and about 6-8″ wide.

Variegated Sweet Flag Grass
Nice closeup view of Sweet flag grass
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