Easy Colorful Container Garden Ideas

Easy Colorful Container Garden Ideas.  Plants in a container are a little harder to maintain and there are several reasons why this is so.  However, there are advantages to having them in pots.

The problem with plants in Containers

  1.  Your container will retain heat especially during mid-summer, therefore, you will need to water more often.  Especially pots that are black or a darker color.
  2. Drainage is important and if the hole at the bottom of the container gets plugged up you run the risk of root rot problems thus your plants might wither away.

Advantages of using Containers for your plants

  1. You can move them around.  Place them in sunny areas during the spring seasons then move them to more shade conditions.
  2. Less likely of soil-borne diseases.
  3. Weeds are nearly non-existent.
  4. You can move potted plants from indoors to outdoors easily.
  5. Plants that are not cold hardy can be moved indoors during the winter seasons.
  6. It is much easier to water and feed your plants during the growing season.
  7. You can easily take out and replace with other annual or perennial plants.
  8. Easier to control insects or fungus problems.
Easy Colorful Container Garden Ideas
Colorful Petunias in a Wine Barrell
Easy Colorful Container Garden Ideas
Mini Petunias in a Decorative Pot
Easy Colorful Container Garden Ideas
Red Geraniums in attractive blue pots. Image by MaineCoast from Pixabay



Container Plants for Shade

Easy Colorful Container Garden Ideas
Star Jasmine vine in attractive pots. Almost full shade.


Easy Colorful Container Garden Ideas
Hosta Plants in Container full shade.

There are lots of shade plants that do well in pots.

  1.  Hostas (Shown Above).
  2. Spreading or trailing Vinca.
  3. Hydrangeas.
  4. Star Jasmine.
  5. Caladiums.
  6. Impatients.
  7. Ajuga.
  8. Learn more about Shady Plants for the Southwest.

Container Plants for Full Sun Areas



Bougainvillea in hanging pots. These could easily be planted into large containers. Beautiful color from mid-spring until late fall.

Bougainvilleas in the hot sun.

Plant them in a large pot with a well-drained potting mix.  Before you get those freezing temperatures trim the plant back and store indoors.  Make sure it’s placed in an area with lots of sun shining through the windows.  Once the winter season is over take it back outside in full sun.  Bougainvilleas will bloom from late spring until mid-fall.

Purple Flowering Bougainvillea in a Wooden Barrell

Yellow spreading Lantana will do great in pots and they both love the full hot southwestern sun.

Yellow Spreading Lantana in a Terra Cotta pot.


Verbena is another great flowering plant that will bloom from mid-spring until late summer.  It is a good choice because it can tolerate the hot summer sun but it does like more water.  Numerous colors to chose from…purple, red, and white verbena will spread and drape down on all pots.


Red Verbena with Cordyline spike.


Types of Containers for  plants

Nowadays there are numerous types of plants that you can use for container gardening.  Following is a list of the most common ones.

  • Ceramic pots are non-porous and can hold water and soil with no problems.  They can last for years and most are colorful and come in numerous sizes.
  • Terracotta is made out of clay and a good choice for outdoor plantings.  They are inexpensive and can be used indoors and outdoors.  They one caveat to is that they tend to break easily.
  • Concrete will last for years to come but they are heavy to move around.  Larger type plants will do well in concrete pots.
  • Plastic is a good choice if you are on a tight budget but they do not look natural.  Plastic pots are light and can work outdoors.  The elements will eventually make them deteriorate quickly.
  • Wooden Planters.  Wood will not crack and are an excellent choice for that natural look.  The one problem is they will eventually start to rot out.


Gerbera Daisies in Pots


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