Pruning tips and tools

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Pruning tips and tools

Pruning tips and tools. 

The best time to prune trees and shrubs is January through March.  However, removing dead branches can be removed at any time of the year.

Pruning unsightly trees will create a good-looking landscaping area and will increase the lifespan of any tree or plant. And if done correctly will increase the productivity of all fruit trees.

If you are pruning to keep the tree size down usually means the wrong tree was selected for the landscaping area. You should prune dead, dying limbs or branches that are diseased no matter where they are.

Prune any limbs or branches that are interfering with power lines, traffic, and or visibility from streets. Call your local or county landscaping electrical power company. It is possible they will do it at no charge.

Prune if branches are overhanging into your neighbor’s yard. It is a good idea to ask first.

As a rule of thumb. Only prune if there is a real reason to do so. We get many customers asking us how to prune a tree that has only been in the ground for 2-3 years or so. We advise our customers NOT to trim or prune trees that are healthy and vibrant looking.

The least amount of pruning the better it is for the tree.  There is a risk of killing a tree if you trim off more than 50%.

Pruning tips and tools

Tools Needed for small to medium-sized pruning jobs.

  1. Hand shears – Are needed for pruning small twigs and branches.
  2. Pole pruners for pruning or cutting branches or limbs that are 6ft. or more off the ground.
  3. Chainsaw – Are used for larger type branches that are more than 3 inches diameter.
  4. Safety Goggles – Always wear eye protection when pruning, shearing, cutting or doing any type of heavy gardening work.
  5. Lopper shears – Are good for larger type branches normally about 1.5 inches or less in diameter. Lopper shears are good for palm and mesquite trees that have large thorns

Pruning tips and toolsFor smaller pruning jobs try Corona Pruners – This gardening tool has a forged steel alloy blades holds a sharp cutting edge and are heat-treated for superior hardness and strength.

This is what we use at Color Your World Nurseries. Easy long-lasting pruners. Next time you’re in one of our stores make to ask for one.  Or get one here. Pruners for small shrubs.


Trimming Large Trees

Pruning tips and tools

You should call a professional arborist or tree trimming service if your tree or trees are over 20ft tall? Most professional tree trimmers know how and why you should trim or prune your trees.

A professional tree expert is called an “Arborist.” Call one for larger type trees. Be sure they are licensed, insured and bonded. This goes for any type of landscaping professional. Also if there is a power line involved call your local power line company for further information.

Do NOT prune larger type branches from trees that are hanging over any type of electrical or power lines. Call a professional maintenance landscaper.

It is a good idea to use pruning sealer on a trimmed off branch or limb. All trees and shrubs have their own way of healing any cut or wound but pruning sealer will make it 100% sure!

It may take years before a tree shows signs of having a deadly disease.  Remember to always clean all pruning tool blades with alcohol or at the very least soapy water to avoid the spread of disease.

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    • Drew
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    Having the right tools will definitely get you off on the right start. Thanks for the great tips.

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    There are many necessary tools when it comes to pruning, but safety goggles are extremely important. Thanks for sharing these tips.

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    Great information shared about tree trimming services! I really enjoyed it, but now I’ll hire a professional team of tree trimming service who provides information about the hollowness of the tree on the inside.

    • Chris S. Martin
    • May 11, 2018

    I want to make sure that my trees are taken care of. I didn’t know that pruning was so important! I think it might be best for me to get a professional to handle it. I don’t want to risk pruning the wrong branch and making things worse.

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    Nice Article about pruning tree tips.

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