Fall Colors in Las Cruces

chinese pistache tree
Chinese Pistache Tree NMSU campus

Fall Colors in Las Cruces. Trees that have good autumn color are Red Oaks, Sweet Gum ( yes, they do grow here too, we have one in our parking lot at Color Your World!), Chinese Pistache, Modesto, Bonita, Berrinda ash, Gingko Biloba, Bradford pear, and Bald Cypress to name a few.

Some other plants that have fall color are Nandina (there is an array of sizes, shape and leaf textures to choose from), sumac, euonymus alata (burning bush), Boston Ivy, and Virginia Creeper.

Flowering plants that look especially beautiful during this time of year, though not necessarily “fall colors” are Mexican sage, lantana, garden mums, marigolds, cannas, salvia greggii (cherry sage), Mexican primrose, mealy cup sage, and roses, which seem to have more fragrance during this time of year, or maybe it is just my imagination. You decide for your self.

Fall Colors in Las Cruces

Texas Red Oaks (quercus rubra) have wonderous fall color.  The leaves turn a brilliant orange-red color in mid-fall.

Fall Colors in Las Cruces
Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay

Fall Colors in Las Cruces


Grasses for fall color

Don’t forget there is a long list of grasses which now begin to show off their plumes in fall. There is a pampas grass that does not get too large called ‘Ivory Feathers’ that is already showing off its brilliant spiky Ivory colored plumes.

Pampas Grass will bloom in fall. Nice ivory white plumes shoot out towards the sky.


Yakushima, maiden, miscanthus, fountain grass, purple fountain grass, and all various forms of these grasses are now making their debut. Muhlenbergia ‘Regal Mist’ the one with the “see-thru” purplish flower head is just about to erupt its color all over town. This one looks striking when the sunlight shows through it.

Last but certainly not least are pansies, snapdragon, dianthus, and stock. These will give you color even when it snows. Pansies, in particular, can take brief periods of below 10 degrees f. and still give off-color when temperatures climb back up.

Fall Colors in Las Cruces

If you plant pansies now you should still have colored up until next May! Amazing huh! One thing I have noticed over the years is that pansies planted in the ground typically do better than the ones in pots. If you have them in pots it is best to give them some protection against the extreme cold to avoid winter damage. Also when planting pansies it is best to use a good potting mix that is porous and lightweight. We carry soil from Fertilome called Ultimate Mix which works perfectly.  Ask for it at your local nursery.

Everything mentioned above can be planted right now. So get out and enjoy what is probably the best time to be outdoors. Fall!

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