The Hardy Hibiscus Plant

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The Hardy Hibiscus Plant (Hibiscus moscheutos) Also called Rose Mallow and Swamp mallow. The hummingbirds love this plant! It loves to be in water but once established it will become drought tolerant.

It starts to bloom around summer and continue to bloom until October.  A fast-growing plant that is perfectly suited for the southwestern heat.

How Tall and Wide will It Grow?

It will get about 2 ft. tall and 3 ft. wide. The ones pictured on this post are the Luna series from is a perennial which means it will come back the following year. After the first hard freeze, it will go dormant be sure to cut down all the way to the ground. It will start to see new growth in mid-spring providing you water the area.

Where to place this plant?

Place it in full sun but it can tolerate partial shade. It loves water and can be used near ponds or a water fountain that spill water over on its sides.

No need for deadheading expired blooms, however, removing them does help develop new blooms a lot faster.

Fertilize about once a month during the growing season early summer through mid-fall.  A good all-purpose fertilizer will work.  Go organic and use bone meal to help with blooms.

The Hardy Hibiscus Plant

The Hardy Hibiscus Plant
The flower of the Hardy Hibiscus Plant – Photo Credit Ball Horticultural

The Hardy Hibiscus Plant
Hibiscus Plant Pink – Photo Credit

USDA Hardiness 4-10

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    • Lisa
    • July 31, 2018

    Can this be grown in a pot, or does it prefer to be in the ground?

    1. Reply

      Hello, Lisa. Yes, it can be planted in a pot. But it does require more water during the hot summer months.

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