6 Gardening Ideas for a Private Yard or a Pretty Garden

6 Gardening Ideas for a Private Yard or a Pretty Garden. With one-fourth of our planet being land, you might think people are spread out evenly throughout the world. However, the data compiled by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration shows that half of the world’s population lives on merely one percent of its land.

When neighborhoods are closer, privacy is compromised. Your private garden or backyard is your gateway to finding a few quality hours for yourself in this busy world. Your personal yard must not only offer the glorious solitude you desire but must also be appealing.

Fortunately, you can enjoy a beautiful garden and keep wandering eyes from breaching your personal space by implementing a few ideas shared here.

6 Gardening Ideas for a Private Yard or a Pretty Garden

Here are six creative ideas to build a beautiful outdoor living space that is secluded and pleasing to the eye.

1. Choose Your Plants Wisely and Water Them Often

When selected carefully and taken care of, plants add a natural and a fresh feel to your garden, making it look neat and attractive. Invest in a variety of hanging plants, climbing vines, and foliage for your private yard.

Grow a few ornamental plants like kochia scoparia grass and flowering succulents to give your garden an eye-catching appeal. These are hardy and drought-tolerant, germinate faster, and make your yard look colorful.

A variety of recycled storage or mason jars and kitchen utensils can be used to add greenery to your porch or patio. Plant ferns, Irish moss, African violets, and peperomia in these containers and cluster them together with a terrarium to give your patio an exotic look.

Attach clay pots to an old wooden pallet using nails or steel cables. Place the pallet vertically to rest it against a wall or a fence for a lively display of edible and attractive herbs.

A thriving garden depends on the health of its plants for its aesthetic appeal. Therefore, you must ensure adequate water supply for your garden plants. Ensure your garden gets a steady supply of water and use soaker hoses, sprinklers, and drip irrigation to water your greens.

At the same time, take care not to overwater your plants. Invest in tools that can help you control the amount of water being used. For instance, if you are using a sprinkler system, use an irrigation flow meter to allow efficient use of this natural resource.

2. Build Living Walls around Your Garden

Living walls or vertical gardens are the hottest trends for those who love green spaces and live in homes with limited area for gardening. A green wall will not only create a relaxed mood but also provide privacy and a stylish look to your yard.

Readymade or pre-fabricated vertical gardens are expensive, but you can build your own green wall using material bought from a home improvement store and/or recycled household items.

Fix an old door-hanging shoe organizer on your garden wall, fill the pockets with compost and soil, and plant a variety of ferns, Irish moss, fast-growing vines, and succulents are also easy to grow and do not demand much attention.

The choice of plants largely depends on the amount of sunlight received in your yard and the environmental conditions prevailing in your city. Choose evergreen plants that can thrive in extreme conditions, namely rosemary, lavender, Boston fern, lipstick plant, English ivy, sedum, and succulents.

3. Make Your Own Topiary

Topiaries are extremely easy to make and you will be amazed at the instant charm they can add to your private yard. The Romans were the first to use this technique of giving plants a decorative shape to make an area look modern and attractive.

Rosemary, hollies, English ivy, boxwood, hydrangeas, lantana, and fuschia are a few plants that are well-suited for pruning, clipping, and shaping.

For instance, if you are using boxwood, place its cutting in a terracotta pot containing an equal proportion of peat, perlite, and potting soil. After two weeks, when the plant is fully rooted, encourage it to grow vertically by pruning the side shoots. Gradually, create a shape by trimming the plant into a sphere or a cone.

You can create other shapes with the help of readymade wire structures available at gardening stores. Plants like English ivy and perennial vines like sweet pea can be trimmed easily into the desired shape.

4. Add Attractive Garden Furniture

Whether you plan to spend some alone time in your private yard or share the space with your family, the right furniture gives a welcoming look to your garden. A center table with a few comfortable chairs can transform your small garden into a family-dining destination.

Keep four factors in mind when buying garden furniture – comfort, quality, durability, and maintenance. For instance, plastic chairs look great, but turn brittle and often lose color when placed outdoors. Most metal, cedar, and all-weather wicker furniture offer comfort are resistant to environmental damage and look appealing for years.

5. Pay Attention to the Fencing

Fences are built for protection, privacy, and adding aesthetic value to the garden.

Bamboo chain-link fences are sturdy and pocket-friendly. Vine and trained ornamental plants latch easily to these fences and can form a thick green wall around your yard. Vines can also be grown on arbors, arches, trellises, and gates, ensuring privacy and making your garden look prettier.

Bamboo is a good candidate for fencing as it is evergreen and needs less maintenance. However, opt for the slow-growing variety (Fountain bamboo or Arrow bamboo) over the fast-growing ones to avoid uncontrolled and invasive growth of this plant.

Wooden lattice is also visually appealing and an inexpensive fencing option. Ornamental metal fencing adds a vintage flair to the yard, is sturdy and requires less maintenance.

6. Use Visually-Appealing Garden Accessories

Attractive garden ornaments and accessories add a special touch to your outdoor landscape. Place each garden accessory carefully to give a new dimension to each corner of your yard. Use old ceramic dinnerware to grow your plants. This will give a colorful and interesting look to your yard.

Use vintage lanterns, rusty bells, wind chimes, urns, and old fruit baskets to create a seductive outdoor space. You can either use your old household wares or visit the local flea market to procure these ornamental add-ons.

Bring your garden to life by inviting birds into it. Hang bird feeders and/or build a bird bath to offer them a cool place to refresh themselves.

A beautiful garden space is the most desired feature in a house. When you want to escape the prying eyes and the mundane life, you dream of spending time in a place that is comfortable, attractive, quiet, and secluded. The above ideas will help you create a fine-looking private yard that you will cherish for years.


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