Spring Color Geraniums

Great Flowering Color for Spring

Great Flowering Color for Spring.  These flowering plants will bloom throughout the spring seasons.  Some may last all the way to late summer.  Click on the photo for a larger photo.

There are many more plants that will provide color throughout the spring seasons.  Here are a few that will help you decide what to plant this spring.

Color Your World Nurseries will typically have these flowering plants in spring.  Ask for these type of plants at your local nursery if you are not from the Las Cruces, NM. area.

Spring flowering plants


Colorful Geraniums. Use them in containers or hanging baskets. Cover or protect them during freezing tempertures.
Red Sage. They come in numerous colors. From bright fuchsia pink to dark purple. Once established drought tolerant. Easy care plant. Plant them in the ground.
Gazania’s in flower beds or containers.
Dallas Red Lantana best planted in the ground. Fast grower. The yellow lantana is also very hardy fast growing.

Great Flowering Color for Spring

Daisies for color. In containers or in flowering beds.
Cosmos plant them around trees or along sidewalks. Also good in containers with other smaller annuals.
Coreposis yellow flower. In containers or around flowering beds. Plant underneath filtered light.
California Poppies great around desert landscaping areas. Blooms in early to mid spring.
Salvia. They come in blue, lavender, dark purple, white and red. Plant in mass for great visual appeal. Mid-spring throughout the summer months.
Coleus plants in the foreground. Use for foliage color. Many types and varieties. They do best in large containers.
More Coleus.
Bright orange Marigolds. Plant them in mass. Short flowering plants great for foreground containers or in a flower bed.
Million Bells. AKA mini petunias. Use them in hanging baskets or plant them in the ground. They will drape over containers.
Great Flowering Color for Spring
Red Verbena. Great in a hanging basket. Or plant them in the ground for a great ground cover.
Great Flowering Color for Spring
More Geraniums. So many colors and varieties.
Great Flowering Color for Spring
Petunias for the flowering garden. Try the Wave Petunia’s they will bloom all summer long…all the way to late fall. They do best in containers or pots.
Columbine flowers. Easy care flowering plants. White, purple, pink longed stemmed plants.
Black Eyed Susan. Plant them in fields or your backyard. Great looking yellow flower. They will come back year after year.
Violas or Johnny Jump-ups. Great in hanging baskets or plant them in gardening beds.
Great flowering color for spring
Purple flower coneflower or echinacea



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    • Patricia Gonzalez
    • September 26, 2016

    A question. Do you carry creosote bushes?

      • Paul Guzman
      • September 27, 2016

      Hello, Patricia unfortunately, we do not carry Creosote bushes. It is a hard plant to keep in a container.

    • bs
    • February 21, 2017

    what plants would you recommend for layering terra cotta planters. ie a large one, and med inside of that one and a small one inside the med.

    • Debbie
    • May 24, 2017

    Do you carry coneflowers?

      • Paul Guzman
      • May 26, 2017

      Yes, we do!

        • Debbie
        • May 26, 2017

        Great, thank you.

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